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G. Drachuck, Sapkota, A., Jayasekara, W. T., Kothapalli, K., Bud'ko, S. L., Goldman, A. I., Kreyssig, A., and Canfield, P. C., Collapsed tetragonal phase transition in LaRu2P2, Physical Review B, vol. 96, p. 184509, 2017.
P. Das, Lory, P. F., Flint, R., Kong, T., Hiroto, T., Bud'ko, S. L., Canfield, P. C., de Boissieu, M., Kreyssig, A., and Goldman, A. I., Crystal electric field excitations in the quasicrystal approximant TbCd6 studied by inelastic neutron scattering, Physical Review B, vol. 95, p. 054408, 2017.
A. E. Bohmer, Sapkota, A., Kreyssig, A., Bud'ko, S. L., Drachuck, G., Saunders, S. M., Goldman, A. I., and Canfield, P. C., Effect of Biaxial Strain on the Phase Transitions of (CadFe(1-x)Co(x))(2)As-2, Physical Review Letters, vol. 118, p. 107002, 2017.
A. Sapkota, Ueland, B. G., Anand, V. K., Sangeetha, N. S., Abernathy, D. L., Stone, M. B., Niedziela, J. L., Johnston, D. C., Kreyssig, A., Goldman, A. I., and McQueeney, R. J., Effective One-Dimensional Coupling in the Highly Frustrated Square-Lattice Itinerant Magnet CaCo2-yAs2, Physical Review Letters, vol. 119, p. 147201, 2017.
D. G. Quirinale, Messina, D., Rustan, G. E., Kreyssig, A., Prozorov, R., and Goldman, A. I., In situ Investigation of Magnetism in Metastable Phases of Levitated Fe83B17 During Solidification, Physical Review Applied, vol. 8, p. 6, 2017.
P. Das, Sangeetha, N. S., Lindemann, G. R., Heitmann, T. W., Kreyssig, A., Goldman, A. I., McQueeney, R. J., Johnston, D. C., and Vaknin, D., Itinerant G-type antiferromagnetic order in SrCr2As2, Physical Review B, vol. 96, p. 014411, 2017.
U. S. Kaluarachchi, Taufour, V., Sapkota, A., Borisov, V., Kong, T., Meier, W. R., Kothapalli, K., Ueland, B. G., Kreyssig, A., Valenti, R., McQueeney, R. J., Goldman, A. I., Bud'ko, S. L., and Canfield, P. C., Pressure-induced half-collapsed-tetragonal phase in CaKFe4As4, Physical Review B, vol. 96, p. 140501, 2017.
M. Ramazanoglu, Sapkota, A., Pandey, A., Lamsal, J., Abernathy, D. L., Niedziela, J. L., Stone, M. B., Kreyssig, A., Goldman, A. I., Johnston, D. C., and McQueeney, R. J., Robust antiferromagnetic spin waves across the metal-insulator transition in hole-doped BaMn2As2, Physical Review B, vol. 95, p. 224401, 2017.
W. T. Jayasekara, Pandey, A., Kreyssig, A., Sangeetha, N. S., Sapkota, A., Kothapalli, K., Anand, V. K., Tian, W., Vaknin, D., Johnston, D. C., McQueeney, R. J., Goldman, A. I., and Ueland, B. G., Suppression of magnetic order in CaCo1.86As2 with Fe substitution: Magnetization, neutron diffraction, and x-ray diffraction studies of Ca(Co1-xFex)(y)As-2, Physical Review B, vol. 95, p. 064425, 2017.