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M. C. Martinez-Velarte, Kretz, B., Moro-Lagares, M., Aguirre, M. H., Riedemann, T. M., Lograsso, T. A., Morellon, L., Ibarra, M. R., Garcia-Lekue, A., and Serrate, D., Chemical Disorder in Topological Insulators: A Route to Magnetism Tolerant Topological Surface States, Nano Letters, vol. 17, pp. 4047-4054, 2017.
M. A. Tanatar, Liu, Y., Jaroszynski, J., Brooks, J. S., Lograsso, T. A., and Prozorov, R., Doping evolution of the anisotropic upper critical fields in the iron-based superconductor Ba1-xKxFe2As2, Physical Review B, vol. 96, p. 184511, 2017.
C. Pappas, Bannenberg, L. J., Lelievre-Berna, E., Qian, F., Dewhurst, C. D., Dalgliesh, R. M., Schlagel, D. L., Lograsso, T. A., and Falus, P., Magnetic Fluctuations, Precursor Phenomena, and Phase Transition in MnSi under a Magnetic Field, Physical Review Letters, vol. 119, p. 047203, 2017.
U. F. Kaneko, Gomes, P. F., Garcia-Flores, A. F., Yan, J. Q., Lograsso, T. A., Barberis, G. E., Vaknin, D., and Granado, E., Nematic fluctuations and phase transitions in LaFeAsO: A Raman scattering study, Physical Review B, vol. 96, p. 014506, 2017.
L. J. Bannenberg, Qian, F., Dalgliesh, R. M., Martin, N., Chaboussant, G., Schmidt, M., Schlagel, D. L., Lograsso, T. A., Wilhelm, H., and Pappas, C., Reorientations, relaxations, metastabilities, and multidomains of skyrmion lattices, Physical Review B, vol. 96, p. 184416, 2017.
A. L. Pires, Belo, J. H., Gomes, I. T., Hadimani, R. L., Schlagel, D. L., Lograsso, T. A., Jiles, D. C., Lopes, A. M. L., Araujo, J. P., and Pereira, A. M., Suppression of magnetostructural transition on GdSiGe thin film after thermal cyclings, Thin Solid Films, vol. 621, pp. 247-252, 2017.