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D. M. Toyli, Casas, C. F. de las, Christle, D. J., Dobrovitski, V. V., and Awschalom, D. D., Fluorescence thermometry enhanced by the quantum coherence of single spins in diamond, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 110, pp. 8417-8421, 2013.
A. L. Falk, Buckley, B. B., Calusine, G., Koehl, W. F., Dobrovitski, V. V., Politi, A., Zorman, C. A., Feng, P. X. L., and Awschalom, D. D., Polytype control of spin qubits in silicon carbide, Nature Communications, vol. 4, p. 1819, 2013.
V. V. Dobrovitski, Fuchs, G. D., Falk, A. L., Santori, C., and Awschalom, D. D., Quantum Control over Single Spins in Diamond, in Annual Review of Condensed Matter Physics, Vol 4, vol. 4, J. S. Langer Palo Alto: Annual Reviews, 2013, pp. 23-50.