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R. Barua, Lejeune, B. T., Ke, L. Q., Hadjipanayis, G., Levin, E. M., McCallum, R. W., Kramer, M. J., and Lewis, L. H., Anisotropic magnetocaloric response in AlFe2B2, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, vol. 745, pp. 505-512, 2018.
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F. Meng, Chaudhary, R. P., Gandha, K., Nlebedim, I. C., Palasyuk, A., Simsek, E., Kramer, M. J., and Ott, R. T., Rapid Assessment of the Ce-Co-Fe-Cu System for Permanent Magnetic Applications, Jom, vol. 70, pp. 872-878, 2018.
L. Yang, Zhang, F., Meng, F. Q., Zhou, L., Sun, Y., Zhao, X., Ye, Z., Kramer, M. J., Wang, C. Z., and Ho, K. M., Spatially-correlated site occupancy in the nonstoichiometric meta-stable epsilon-Al60Sm11 phase during devitrification of Al-10.2 at.% Sm glasses, Acta Materialia, vol. 156, pp. 97-103, 2018.
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M. C. Nguyen, Zhou, L., Tang, W., Kramer, M. J., Anderson, I. E., Wang, C. Z., and Ho, K. M., Cluster-Expansion Model for Complex Quinary Alloys: Application to Alnico Permanent Magnets, Physical Review Applied, vol. 8, p. 054016, 2017.
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J. Basu, Vincent, S., Murty, B. S., Kramer, M. J., and Bhatt, J., Role of polyhedral order in glass to crystal transition dynamics in Zr60Cu10Al15Ni15 glass forming alloy, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, vol. 471, pp. 256-263, 2017.
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