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M. C. Martinez-Velarte, Kretz, B., Moro-Lagares, M., Aguirre, M. H., Riedemann, T. M., Lograsso, T. A., Morellon, L., Ibarra, M. R., Garcia-Lekue, A., and Serrate, D., Chemical Disorder in Topological Insulators: A Route to Magnetism Tolerant Topological Surface States, Nano Letters, vol. 17, pp. 4047-4054, 2017.
E. M. Levin, Cooling, C., Bud'ko, S. L., Straszheim, W. E., and Lograsso, T. A., Crystal structure, magnetization, Te-125 NMR, and Seebeck coefficient of Ge49Te50R1 (R = La, Pr, Gd, Dy, and Yb), Materials Chemistry and Physics, vol. 192, pp. 58-66, 2017.
M. A. Tanatar, Liu, Y., Jaroszynski, J., Brooks, J. S., Lograsso, T. A., and Prozorov, R., Doping evolution of the anisotropic upper critical fields in the iron-based superconductor Ba1-xKxFe2As2, Physical Review B, vol. 96, p. 184511, 2017.
C. Pappas, Bannenberg, L. J., Lelievre-Berna, E., Qian, F., Dewhurst, C. D., Dalgliesh, R. M., Schlagel, D. L., Lograsso, T. A., and Falus, P., Magnetic Fluctuations, Precursor Phenomena, and Phase Transition in MnSi under a Magnetic Field, Physical Review Letters, vol. 119, p. 047203, 2017.
U. F. Kaneko, Gomes, P. F., Garcia-Flores, A. F., Yan, J. Q., Lograsso, T. A., Barberis, G. E., Vaknin, D., and Granado, E., Nematic fluctuations and phase transitions in LaFeAsO: A Raman scattering study, Physical Review B, vol. 96, p. 014506, 2017.
L. J. Bannenberg, Qian, F., Dalgliesh, R. M., Martin, N., Chaboussant, G., Schmidt, M., Schlagel, D. L., Lograsso, T. A., Wilhelm, H., and Pappas, C., Reorientations, relaxations, metastabilities, and multidomains of skyrmion lattices, Physical Review B, vol. 96, p. 184416, 2017.
A. L. Pires, Belo, J. H., Gomes, I. T., Hadimani, R. L., Schlagel, D. L., Lograsso, T. A., Jiles, D. C., Lopes, A. M. L., Araujo, J. P., and Pereira, A. M., Suppression of magnetostructural transition on GdSiGe thin film after thermal cyclings, Thin Solid Films, vol. 621, pp. 247-252, 2017.
L. Li, Tirado, A., Nlebedim, I. C., Rios, O., Post, B., Kunc, V., Lowden, R. R., Lara-Curzio, E., Fredette, R., Ormerod, J., Lograsso, T. A., and Paranthaman, M. P., Big Area Additive Manufacturing of High Performance Bonded NdFeB Magnets, Scientific Reports, vol. 6, p. 36212, 2016.
Y. Liu, Xing, Q. F., Straszheim, W. E., Marshman, J., Pedersen, P., McLaughlin, R., and Lograsso, T. A., Formation mechanism of superconducting phase and its three-dimensional architecture in pseudo-single-crystal KxFe2-ySe2, Physical Review B, vol. 93, p. 064509, 2016.
L. Rettig, Dornes, C., Thielemann-Kuhn, N., Pontius, N., Zabel, H., Schlagel, D. L., Lograsso, T. A., Chollet, M., Robert, A., Sikorski, M., Song, S., Glownia, J. M., Schussler-Langeheine, C., Johnson, S. L., and Staub, U., Itinerant and Localized Magnetization Dynamics in Antiferromagnetic Ho, Physical Review Letters, vol. 116, p. 257202, 2016.
M. Arrala, Hafiz, H., Mou, D. X., Wu, Y., Jiang, R., Riedemann, T., Lograsso, T. A., Barbiellini, B., Kaminski, A., Bansil, A., and Lindroos, M., Laser angle-resolved photoemission as a probe of initial state k(z) dispersion, final-state band gaps, and spin texture of Dirac states in the Bi2Te3 topological insulator, Physical Review B, vol. 94, p. 155144, 2016.
Y. Liu, Tanatar, M. A., Timmons, E., and Lograsso, T. A., Polarized Light Microscopy Study on the Reentrant Phase Transition in a (Ba1-xKx) Fe2As2 Single Crystal with x=0.24, Crystals, vol. 6, p. 142, 2016.
N. J. Cherepy, Payne, S. A., Harvey, N. M., Aberg, D., Seeley, Z. M., Holliday, K. S., Tran, I. C., Zhou, F., Martinez, H. P., Demeyer, J. M., Drobshoff, A. D., Srivastava, A. M., Camardello, S. J., Comanzo, H. A., Schlagel, D. L., and Lograsso, T. A., Red-emitting manganese-doped aluminum nitride phosphor, Optical Materials, vol. 54, pp. 14-21, 2016.
E. M. Levin, Riedemann, T. M., Howard, A., Jo, N. H., Bud'ko, S. L., Canfield, P. C., and Lograsso, T. A., Te-125 NMR and Seebeck Effect in Bi2Te3 Synthesized from Stoichiometric and Te-Rich Melts, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 120, pp. 25196-25202, 2016.
T. A. Lograsso, Jones, N. J., Schlagel, D. L., Petculescu, G., Wun-Fogle, M., Restorff, J. B., Clark, A. E., and Hathaway, K. B., Effects of Zn additions to highly magnetoelastic FeGa alloys, Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 117, p. 17e701, 2015.
R. L. Hadimani, Silva, J. H. B., Pereira, A. M., Schlagel, D. L., Lograsso, T. A., Ren, Y., Zhang, X. Y., Jiles, D. C., and Araujo, J. P., Gd-5(Si,Ge)(4) thin film displaying large magnetocaloric and strain effects due to magnetostructural transition, Applied Physics Letters, vol. 106, p. 032402, 2015.
S. Y. Kim, Park, E. S., Ott, R. T., Lograsso, T. A., Huh, M. Y., Kim, D. H., Eckert, J., and Lee, M. H., Imprinting bulk amorphous alloy at room temperature, Scientific Reports, vol. 5, p. 16540, 2015.
J. Q. Yan, Nandi, S., Saparov, B., Cermak, P., Xiao, Y., Su, Y., Jin, W. T., Schneidewind, A., Bruckel, T., McCallum, R. W., Lograsso, T. A., Sales, B. C., and Mandrus, D. G., Magnetic and structural transitions in La0.4Na0.6Fe2As2 single crystals, Physical Review B, vol. 91, p. 024501, 2015.
Q. Zhang, Fernandes, R. M., Lamsal, J., Yan, J. Q., Chi, S. X., Tucker, G. S., Pratt, D. K., Lynn, J. W., McCallum, R. W., Canfield, P. C., Lograsso, T. A., Goldman, A. I., Vaknin, D., and McQueeney, R. J., Neutron-Scattering Measurements of Spin Excitations in LaFeAsO and Ba(Fe0.953Co0.047)(2)As-2: Evidence for a Sharp Enhancement of Spin Fluctuations by Nematic Order, Physical Review Letters, vol. 114, p. 057001, 2015.
E. M. Levin, Hanus, R., Cui, J., Xing, Q., Riedemann, T., Lograsso, T. A., and Schmidt-Rohr, K., Phase analysis and determination of local charge carrier concentration in eutectic Mg2Si-Si alloys, Materials Chemistry and Physics, vol. 158, pp. 1-9, 2015.
N. J. Jones, Petculescu, G., Wun-Fogle, M., Restorff, J. B., Clark, A. E., Hathaway, K. B., Schlagel, D., and Lograsso, T. A., Rhombohedral magnetostriction in dilute iron (Co) alloys, Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 117, p. 17a913, 2015.
R. L. Hadimani, Melikhov, Y., Schlagel, D. L., Lograsso, T. A., Dennis, K. W., McCallum, R. W., and Jiles, D. C., Second order phase transition temperature of single crystals of Gd5Si1.3Ge2.7 and Gd5Si1.4Ge2.6, Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 117, p. 17d106, 2015.