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T. Kobayashi, Perras, F. A., Slowing, I. I., Sadow, A. D., and Pruski, M., Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Solid-State NMR in Heterogeneous Catalysis Research, Acs Catalysis, vol. 5, pp. 7055-7062, 2015.
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L. Zhang, Wu, Z. L., Nelson, N. C., Sadow, A. D., Slowing, I. I., and Overbury, S. H., Role Of CO2 As a Soft Oxidant For Dehydrogenation of Ethylbenzene to Styrene over a High-Surface-Area Ceria Catalyst, Acs Catalysis, vol. 5, pp. 6426-6435, 2015.
N. C. Nelson, Manzano, J. S., Sadow, A. D., Overbury, S. H., and Slowing, I. I., Selective Hydrogenation of Phenol Catalyzed by Palladium on High-Surface-Area Ceria at Room Temperature and Ambient Pressure, Acs Catalysis, vol. 5, pp. 2051-2061, 2015.
K. Manna, Eedugurala, N., and Sadow, A. D., Zirconium-Catalyzed Desymmetrization of Aminodialkenes and Aminodialkynes through Enantioselective Hydroamination, Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol. 137, pp. 425-435, 2015.