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Utilizing microsphere-based enhanced-intensity laser ablation for nanopatterning polymers

TitleUtilizing microsphere-based enhanced-intensity laser ablation for nanopatterning polymers
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsPeer, A, Biswas, R
EditorAdibi, A, Lin, SY, Scherer, A
Book TitlePhotonic and Phononic Properties of Engineered Nanostructures VII
Series TitleProceedings of SPIE
PublisherSPIE-Int Soc Optical Engineering
ISBN Number978-1-5106-0665-4; 978-1-5106-0666-1
Accession NumberWOS:000399924900023
Keywordsarrays, Laser ablation, microspheres, nanopatterning, simulation, soft materials

We use rigorous scattering matrix simulations to develop a pathway for synthesizing nano-patterns on polymer surfaces. We consider a system in which the polymer surfaces are initially coated with periodic microspheres in a close packed lattice. When such a lattice is irradiated with a laser of desired wavelength and power, the electric field intensity beneath the spheres is enhanced by more than an order of magnitude, generating localized heating that can remove nanometersize volume of the material in a periodic array of nanocavities. The array of glass spheres can be self-assembled on any curved surface, and these spheres can be utilized as an optical lens to focus light energy within the surface. Our simulations show that the depth and size of the nano-cavities depends critically on the size of microspheres.

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