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Tunable emergent heterostructures in a prototypical correlated metal

TitleTunable emergent heterostructures in a prototypical correlated metal
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsFobes, DM, Zhang, S, Lin, SZ, Das, P, Ghimire, NJ, Bauer, ED, Thompson, JD, Harriger, LW, Ehlers, G, Podlesnyak, A, Bewley, RI, Sazonov, A, Hutanu, V, Ronning, F, Batista, CD, Janoschek, M
JournalNature Physics
Date Published05
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number1745-2473
Accession NumberWOS:000431301800017
Keywordscerhin5, fermi-surface, fese, nematicity, physics, quantum criticality, state, superconductivity

ctron materials, where spontaneous heterostructures strongly affect the interplay between charge and spin degrees of freedom(4). Here we report high-resolution neutron spectroscopy on the prototypical strongly correlated metal CeRhIn5, revealing competition between magnetic frustration and easy-axis anisotropy-a well-established mechanism for generating spontaneous superstructures(5). Because the observed easy-axis anisotropy is field-induced and anomalously large, it can be controlled efficiently with small magnetic fields. The resulting field-controlled magnetic superstructure is closely tied to the formation of superconducting(6) and electronic nematic textures(7) in CeRhIn5, suggesting that in situ tunable heterostructures can be realized in correlated electron materials.

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