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Three-Dimensional Infrared Metamaterial with Asymmetric Transmission

TitleThree-Dimensional Infrared Metamaterial with Asymmetric Transmission
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsKenanakis, G, Xomalis, A, Selimis, A, Vamvakaki, M, Farsari, M, Kafesaki, M, Soukoulis, CM, Economou, EN
JournalAcs Photonics
Date Published02
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number2330-4022
Accession NumberWOS:000349814400016
Keywordsasymmetric, chiral media, direct laser writing, metamaterials, plasmons, split-cube resonators, transmission

A novel three-dimensional (3D) metallic metamaterial structure with asymmetric transmission for linear polarization is demonstrated in the infrared spectral region. The structure was fabricated by direct laser writing and selective electroless silver coating, a straightforward, novel technique producing mechanically and chemically stable 3D photonic structures. The structure unit cell is composed of a pair of conductively coupled magnetic resonators, and the asymmetric transmission response results from interplay of electric and magnetic responses; this equips the structure with almost total opaqueness along one propagation direction versus satisfying transparency along the opposite one. It also offers easily adjustable impedance, 90 degrees one-way pure optical activity and backward propagation possibility, resulting thus in unique capabilities in polarization control and isolation applications. We show also that scaling down the structure can make it capable of exhibiting its asymmetric transmission and its polarization capabilities in the optical region.

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