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Texture development and coercivity enhancement in cast alnico 9 magnets

TitleTexture development and coercivity enhancement in cast alnico 9 magnets
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsZhang, WY, Valloppilly, S, Li, XZ, Yue, LP, Skomski, R, Anderson, IE, Kramer, M, Tang, W, Shield, J, Sellmyer, DJ
JournalAip Advances
Date Published05
Type of ArticleArticle; Proceedings Paper
ISBN Number2158-3226
Accession NumberWOS:000427579900131
KeywordsMaterials Science, physics, Technology - Other Topics

The effect of Y addition and magnetic field on texture and magnetic properties of arcmelted alnico 9 magnets has been investigated. Small additions of Y(1.5 wt.%) develop a (200) texture for the arc-melted alnico 9 magnet. Such a texture is hard to form in cast samples. To achieve this goal, we set up a high-field annealing system with a maximum operation temperature of 1250 degrees C. This system enabled annealing in a field of 45 kOe with subsequent draw annealing for the solutionized buttons; we have been able to substantially increase remanence ratio and coercivity, from 0.70 and 1200 Oe for the Y free alnico 9 to 0.90 and 1400 Oe for the Y-doped alnico 9, respectively. A high energy product of 7.3 MGOe has been achieved for the fully heat-treated Y-doped alnico 9. The enhancement of coercivity is believed to arise from the introduction of magne-tocrystalline anisotropy from 80 nm Y2Co17-type grains, which are exchange-coupled to the main-phase alnico rods. (c) 2017 Author(s).

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