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Supported Hybrid Enzyme-Organocatalysts for Upgrading the Carbon Content of Alcohols

TitleSupported Hybrid Enzyme-Organocatalysts for Upgrading the Carbon Content of Alcohols
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsKandel, K, Althaus, SM, Pruski, M, Slowing, II
EditorBravoSuarez, JJ, Kidder, MK, Schwartz, V
Book TitleNovel Materials for Catalysis and Fuels Processing
Series TitleACS Symposium Series
PublisherAmer Chemical Soc
ISBN Number978-0-8412-2811-5
Accession NumberWOS:000321160400011
Keywordsconversion, engine, ethanol, fuel, functionalization, mesoporous silica, oxidase, yeast

A bicatalytic system was prepared by the immobilization of alcohol oxidase enzyme and an alkylamine organocatalyst in distinct locations of mesoporous nanoparticles. The resulting nanocomposites were able to perform a sequence of oxidation and aldol coupling reactions, which transformed short chain alcohols into longer chain molecules. The process takes place at low temperatures, but requires additional enzyme (catalase) to prevent inactivation of the catalyst. This qualitative study introduces a model of a hybrid multicomponent nanomaterial that resembles the behavior of multienzymatic systems within confined spaces.

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