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A Review of Equation-of-State Models for Inertial Confinement Fusion Materials

TitleA Review of Equation-of-State Models for Inertial Confinement Fusion Materials
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsGaffney, JA, Hu, SX, Arnault, P, Becker, A, Benedict, LX, Boehly, TR, Celliers, PM, Ceperley, DM, Certik, O, Clerouin, J, Collins, GW, Collins, LA, Danel, JF, Desbiens, N, Dharma-wardana, MWC, Ding, YH, Fernandez-Panella, A, Gregor, MC, Grabowski, PE, Hamel, S, Hansen, SB, Harbour, L, He, XT, Johnson, DD, Kang, W, Karasiev, VV, Kazandjian, L, Knudson, MD, Ogitsu, T, Pierleoni, C, Piron, R, Redmer, R, Robert, G, Saumon, D, Shamp, A, Sjostrom, T, Smirnov, AV, Starrett, CE, Sterne, PA, Wardlow, A, Whitley, HD, Wilson, B, Zhang, P, Zurek, E
JournalHigh Energy Density Physics
Date Published09
Type of ArticleReview
ISBN Number1574-1818
Accession NumberWOS:000443856800002
Keywordscoulomb, dense-plasmas, Equation of state, finite temperatures, fusion, gases, High energy density physics, high-pressure, Inertial confinement, molecular-dynamics, national ignition facility, physics, shocked liquid deuterium, solid deuterium, statistical-mechanics, temperature-measurements

s ICF program, was held at the Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE), University of Rochester on 31 May-2nd June, 2017. This paper presents a detailed review on the findings from this workshop: (1) 5-10% model-model variations exist throughout the relevant parameter space, and can be much larger in regions where ionization and dissociation are occurring, (2) the D-2 EOS is particularly uncertain, with no single model able to match the available experimental data, and this drives similar uncertainties in the CH EOS, and ( 3) new experimental capabilities such as Hugoniot measurements around 100 Mbar and high-quality temperature measurements are essential to reducing EOS uncertainty.

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Short TitleHigh Energy Density Phys.
Alternate JournalHigh Energy Density Phys.