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NMR studies of the helical antiferromagnetic compound EuCo2P2

TitleNMR studies of the helical antiferromagnetic compound EuCo2P2
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsHiga, N, Ding, QP, Kubota, F, Uehara, H, Yogi, M, Furukawa, Y, Sangeetha, NS, Johnston, DC, Nakamura, A, Hedo, M, Nakama, T, Onuki, Y
JournalPhysica B-Condensed Matter
Date Published05
Type of ArticleArticle; Proceedings Paper
ISBN Number0921-4526
Accession NumberWOS:000431075600088
KeywordsAntiferromagnetic propagation vector, euco2p2, Helical antiferromagnet, mossbauer, nmr, physics

ements on EuCo2P2 using a single crystal and a powdered sample. In the antiferromagnetic (AFM) state, we succeeded in observing Eu-153, Co-59 and P-31 NMR spectra in zero magnetic field. The sharp Eu-153 zero field NMR (ZF NMR) lines indicate homogeneous Eu ordered moment. The Co-59 and P-31 ZF NMR spectra showed an asymmetric spectral shape, indicating a distribution of the internal magnetic induction at each nuclear position. The AFM propagation vector k characterizing the helical AFM state can be determined from the internal magnetic induction at Co site. We have determined the model-independent value of the AFM propagation vector k distributed from (0, 0, 0.86)2 pi/c to (0, 0, 0.73)2 pi/c, where c is the lattice parameter.

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