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Multiplex MALDI-MS Imaging of Plant Metabolites Using a Hybrid MS System

TitleMultiplex MALDI-MS Imaging of Plant Metabolites Using a Hybrid MS System
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsKorte, AR, Yagnik, GB, Feenstra, AD, Lee, YJ
EditorHe, L
Book TitleMass Spectrometry Imaging of Small Molecules
Series TitleMethods in Molecular Biology
PublisherHumana Press Inc
ISBN Number978-1-4939-1357-2; 978-1-4939-1356-5
Accession NumberWOS:000344938700007
Keywordsacquisition, arabidopsis-thaliana, high-spatial-resolution, Hybrid, information, ionization mass-spectrometry, lipids, mass spectrometry imaging, matrix application, ms, Multiplex imaging, Orbitrap, plant metabolites, silver, sublimation, tissue

imaging. The multiplex method described here provides a wide range of analytical information, including high-resolution, accurate mass imaging and tandem MS scans for structural information, all within a single experiment. While this procedure was developed for plant tissues, it can be readily adapted for analysis of other sample types.

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Plant Metabolites

AbbreviationMethods Mol. Biol.