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MOF-253-Pd(OAc)(2): a recyclable MOF for transition-metal catalysis in water

TitleMOF-253-Pd(OAc)(2): a recyclable MOF for transition-metal catalysis in water
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsVan Zeeland, R, Li, XL, Huang, WK, Stanley, LM
JournalRCS Advances
Date Published08
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number2046-2069
Accession NumberWOS:000378275400079
Keywordsaddition, aqueous-media, arylboronic acids, chemistry, complex, conjugate, coupling reactions, highly efficient, organic frameworks, oxidation, palladium, transformations

We report palladium(II)-functionalized MOF-253 (MOF-253-Pd(OAc)(2)) as a recyclable catalyst to form all-carbon quaternary centers via conjugate additions of arylboronic acids to beta,beta-disubstituted enones in aqueous media. We demonstrate MOF-253-Pd(OAc)(2) can be reused 8 times to form ketone products in yields above 75% whilemaintaining its crystallinity. Additions of a range of stereoelectronically diverse arylboronic acids to a variety of b, b-disubstituted enones catalyzed by MOF-253-Pd(OAc)(2) occur in modest-to-high yields (34-95%).

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Short TitleRSC Adv.
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