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Metamagnetic transition and magnetothermal properties of ErCo4Ge2

TitleMetamagnetic transition and magnetothermal properties of ErCo4Ge2
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsLiu, J, Pecharsky, VK, Gschneidner, KA
JournalJournal of Applied Physics
Date Published07
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number0021-8979
Accession NumberWOS:000357873100012

of ErCo4Ge2 are strongly dependent on the ac magnetic field frequency and bias dc magnetic field. A field induced metamagnetic transition from AFM to ferromagnetic state is observed below T-N. Under a magnetic field change of 50 kOe, the maximum value of the magnetic entropy change (magnetocaloric effect) -Delta S-M is 14.2 J/kg K at 2.75K and the adiabatic temperature change Delta T-ad is 5.7 K. In particular, a large -Delta S-M value of 11.7 J/kg K is achieved for a low magnetic field change of 20 kOe. (C) 2015 AIP Publishing LLC.

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