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Large energy product enhancement in perpendicularly coupled MnBi/CoFe magnetic bilayers

TitleLarge energy product enhancement in perpendicularly coupled MnBi/CoFe magnetic bilayers
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsGao, TR, Fang, L, Fackler, S, Maruyama, S, Zhang, XH, Wang, LL, Rana, T, Manchanda, P, Kashyap, A, Janicka, K, Wysocki, AL, Diaye, AT, Arenholz, E, Borchers, JA, Kirby, BJ, Maranville, BB, Sun, KW, Kramer, MJ, Antropov, VP, Johnson, DD, Skomski, R, Cui, J, Takeuchi, I
JournalPhysical Review B
Date Published08
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number2469-9950
Accession NumberWOS:000382027700001
Keywordsexchange, initio molecular-dynamics, media, nanocomposite permanent-magnets, physics, simulation

We demonstrate substantial enhancement in the energy product of MnBi-based magnets by forming robust ferromagnetic exchange coupling between a MnBi layer and a thin CoFe layer in a unique perpendicular coupling configuration, which provides increased resistance to magnetization reversal. The measured nominal energy product of 172 kJ/m(3) at room temperature is the largest value experimentally attained for permanent magnets free of expensive raw materials. Our finding shows that exchange-coupled MnBi/CoFe magnets are a viable option for pursuing rare-earth-free magnets with energy products approaching those containing rare-earth elements.

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Alternate JournalPhys. Rev. B