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Intrinsic nanostructure in Zr2-xFe4Si16-y (x=0.81, y=6.06)

TitleIntrinsic nanostructure in Zr2-xFe4Si16-y (x=0.81, y=6.06)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsSmith, GJ, Simonson, JW, Orvis, T, Marques, C, Grose, JE, Kistner-Morris, JJ, Wu, L, Cho, K, Kim, H, Tanatar, MA, Garlea, VO, Prozorov, R, Zhu, Y, Aronson, MC
JournalJournal of Physics-Condensed Matter
Date Published09
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number0953-8984
Accession NumberWOS:000341120100006
Keywordsalloys, chalcogenides, earth-iron silicides, er1.2fe4si9.8, heterogeneity, magnetic-susceptibility, magnetism, mossbauer, nano-grains, pnictides, single-crystal, superconductivity, temperature

of a surprisingly large number of trace magnetic and superconducting phases, suggesting that the Zr-Fe-Si ternary system could be a potentially rich source of new bulk superconductors.

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