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Intercell Wireless Communication in Software-defined Metasurfaces

TitleIntercell Wireless Communication in Software-defined Metasurfaces
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsTasolamprou, AC, Mirmoosa, MS, Tsilipakos, O, Pitilakis, A, Liu, F, Abadal, S, Cabellos-Aparicio, A, Alarcon, E, Liaskos, C, Kantartzis, NV, Tretyakov, S, Kafesaki, M, Economou, EN, Soukoulis, CM, ,
Journal2018 Ieee International Symposium on Circuits and Systems
ISBN Number978-1-5386-4881-0
Accession NumberWOS:000451218704093
Keywordschannel, chipset, cmos transceiver, design, integrated antennas, link, receiver

Tunable metasurfaces are ultra-thin, artificial electromagnetic components that provide engineered and externally adjustable functionalities. The programmable metasurface, the HyperSurFace, concept consists in integrating controllers within the metasurface that interact locally and communicate globally to obtain a given electromagnetic behaviour. Here, we address the design constraints introduced by both functions accommodated by the programmable metasurface, i.e., the desired metasurface operation and the unit cells wireless communication enabling such programmable functionality. The design process for meeting both sets of specifications is thoroughly discussed. Two scenarios for wireless intercell communication are proposed. The first exploits the metasurface layer itself, while the second employs a dedicated communication layer beneath the metasurface backplane. Complexity and performance trade-offs are highlighted.

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