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Imprinting bulk amorphous alloy at room temperature

TitleImprinting bulk amorphous alloy at room temperature
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsKim, SY, Park, ES, Ott, RT, Lograsso, TA, Huh, MY, Kim, DH, Eckert, J, Lee, MH
JournalScientific Reports
Date Published11
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number2045-2322
Accession NumberWOS:000364647100001
Keywordsbehavior, composites, dynamics, embrittlement, flow, liquids, mechanical-properties, metallic glasses, plastic-deformation, potential-energy landscape

We present investigations on the plastic deformation behavior of a brittle bulk amorphous alloy by simple uniaxial compressive loading at room temperature. A patterning is possible by cold-plastic forming of the typically brittle Hf-based bulk amorphous alloy through controlling homogenous flow without the need for thermal energy or shaping at elevated temperatures. The experimental evidence suggests that there is an inconsistency between macroscopic plasticity and deformability of an amorphous alloy. Moreover, imprinting of specific geometrical features on Cu foil and Zr-based metallic glass is represented by using the patterned bulk amorphous alloy as a die. These results demonstrate the ability of amorphous alloys or metallic glasses to precisely replicate patterning features onto both conventional metals and the other amorphous alloys. Our work presents an avenue for avoiding the embrittlement of amorphous alloys associated with thermoplastic forming and yields new insight the forming application of bulk amorphous alloys at room temperature without using heat treatment.

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