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Heteronuclear {TbxEu1-x} furoate 1D polymers presenting luminescent properties and SMM behavior

TitleHeteronuclear {TbxEu1-x} furoate 1D polymers presenting luminescent properties and SMM behavior
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsBartolome, E, Bartolome, J, Arauzo, A, Luzon, J, Cases, R, Fuertes, S, Sicilia, V, Sanchez-Cano, AI, Aporta, J, Melnic, S, Prodius, D, Shova, S
JournalJournal of Materials Chemistry C
Date Published05
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number2050-7526
Accession NumberWOS:000432599600023
Keywordscarboxylate ligands, coordination polymers, energy-transfer, family, frameworks, lanthanide complexes, lattice-relaxation experiments, Materials Science, metal-organic, physics, single-molecule magnet, thermal-behavior, tunable emission

We report the synthesis, crystal structure and photo-magnetic properties of novel Tb/Eu polymeric complexes of general formula {TbxEu1-x(-fur)(3)(H2O)(3)}(n), supported by 2-furancarboxilic acid: the homonuclear Tb(iii) complex {Tb} (1), four heterodinuclear complexes, {Tb0.8Eu0.2} (2), {Tb0.7Eu0.3} (3), {Tb0.3Eu0.7} (4), and {Tb0.1Eu0.9} (5), and the homonuclear Eu(iii)-only complex {Eu} (6). X-ray diffraction experiments show that the -furoate ligands, acting in bridging mode, consolidate the 1D polymeric chains along the c-axis. Luminescence studies show the sensitization capability of the furoic acid ligand. Color tuning from green to red can be successfully achieved through the heterodinuclear strategy. We have measured Eu emission by direct excitation at the resonant F-7(0) L-5(6) (395 nm), and indirectly, by excitation of the non-resonant wavelength (280 nm) which provokes ligand Tb Eu energy transfer. Besides, ac susceptibility measurements under varying frequencies and temperatures reveal that mixed {TbxEu1-x} complexes exhibit field-induced slow relaxation dynamics, with extremely slow relaxation times, owing to direct processes affected by the bottleneck effect. Thus, the {TbxEu1-x} complexes represent interesting low-dimensional multifunctional materials combining both luminescent and SMM magnetic properties.

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