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Hedgehog spin-vortex crystal stabilized in a hole-doped iron-based superconductor

TitleHedgehog spin-vortex crystal stabilized in a hole-doped iron-based superconductor
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsMeier, WR, Ding, QP, Kreyssig, A, Bud'ko, SL, Sapkota, A, Kothapalli, K, Borisov, V, Valenti, R, Batista, CD, Orth, PP, Fernandes, RM, Goldman, AI, Furukawa, Y, Bohmer, AE, Canfield, PC
JournalNpj Quantum Materials
Date Published02
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number2397-4648
Accession NumberWOS:000425010600001
Keywordsfe-based superconductors, Materials Science

Magnetism is widely considered to be a key ingredient of unconventional superconductivity. In contrast to cuprate high-temperature superconductors, antiferromagnetism in most Fe-based superconductors (FeSCs) is characterized by a pair of magnetic propagation vectors, (eta,0) and (0,pi). Consequently, three different types of magnetic order are possible. Of these, only stripe-type spin-density wave (SSDW) and spin-charge-density wave (SCDW) orders have been observed. A realization of the proposed spin-vortex crystal (SVC) order is noticeably absent. We report a magnetic phase consistent with the hedgehog variation of SVC order in Ni-doped and Co-doped CaKFe4As4 based on thermodynamic, transport, structural and local magnetic probes combined with symmetry analysis. The exotic SVC phase is stabilized by the reduced symmetry of the CaKFe4As4 structure. Our results suggest that the possible magnetic ground states in FeSCs have very similar energies, providing an enlarged configuration space for magnetic fluctuations to promote high-temperature superconductivity.

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