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Growing Signals from the Noise: Challenging Nuclei in Materials DNP

TitleGrowing Signals from the Noise: Challenging Nuclei in Materials DNP
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsPerras, FA, Kobayashi, T, Pruski, M
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number2055-6101
Accession NumberWOS:000444609600001
Keywordscorrelation spectroscopy, double-resonance, dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP), enhancement, h-1 spin-diffusion, Heteronuclear, homonuclear correlation spectroscopy, low-gamma nuclei, magnetic-resonance, mas-nmr, metal-organic frameworks, molecular-level characterization, natural isotopic abundance, nmr, sensitivity, sn-beta zeolite, solid-state nmr, Spectroscopy, unreceptive nuclei, wideline NMR

The polarization of nuclear spins by dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) has redefined the sensitivity limits of solid-state (SS) NMR spectroscopy. Materials science has been arguably one of the key beneficiaries of the recent remarkable advances of the technique, which included low-temperature magic angle spinning (MAS), modern gyrotrons, and biradical agents for polarization transfer via the cross-effect. In many classes of materials, DNP offers the capability of selectively sensitizing progressively smaller surface and interfacial regions of materials and eliciting responses from previously undetectable nuclei, with no detrimental effect on resolution. We review the most recent applications of DNP-enhanced SSNMR to materials, focusing specifically on measurements that pose insurmountable challenges to conventional SSNMR, including the detection of N-15, O-17, Mg-25, Cl-35, Ca-43, Br-79, Y-89, Sn-119, and Pt-195 by one-dimensional MAS methods, ultrawideline NMR, as well as two-dimensional homo-and heteronuclear correlation spectroscopy.

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