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Generation of high-density biskyrmions by electric current

TitleGeneration of high-density biskyrmions by electric current
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsPeng, LC, Zhang, Y, He, M, Ding, B, Wang, WH, Tian, HF, Li, JQ, Wang, SG, Cai, JW, Wu, GH, Liu, JP, Kramer, MJ, Shen, BG
JournalNpj Quantum Materials
Date Published06
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number2397-4648
Accession NumberWOS:000407423200001
Keywordsdynamics, lattice, magnetic skyrmions, Materials Science

Much interest has been focused on the manipulation of magnetic skyrmions, including the generation, annihilation, and motion behaviors, for potential applications in spintronics. Here, we experimentally demonstrate that a high-density Bloch-type biskyrmion lattice in MnNiGa can be generated by applying electric current. It is revealed that the density of biskyrmions can be remarkably increased by increasing the electric current, in contrast to the scattered biskyrmions induced by a magnetic field alone. Furthermore, the transition from the ferromagnetic state to the stripe domain structure can be terminated by the electric current, leading to the biskyrmions dominated residual domain pattern. These biskyrmions in such residual domain structure are extremely stable at zero magnetic and electric fields and can further evolve into the high-density biskyrmion lattice over a temperature range from 100 to 330 K. Our experimental findings open up a new pathway for the generation of skyrmion lattice by electric current manipulation.

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