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Exploring aberration-corrected electron microscopy for compound semiconductors

TitleExploring aberration-corrected electron microscopy for compound semiconductors
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsSmith, DJ, Aoki, T, Mardinly, J, Zhou, L, McCartney, MR
Date Published06
Type of ArticleReview
ISBN Number0022-0744
Accession NumberWOS:000319470800007
Keywordsaberration-corrected electron microscopy, angstrom, atomic-resolution, columns, compound semiconductor, dumbbell imaging, gaas, holography, HREM, hrtem, kv, phase-retrieval, polarity reversal, systematic analysis

) ACEM techniques, with particular reference to characterization of elemental and compound semiconductors. Exploratory probe-corrected studies of ZnTe/InP and ZnTe/GaAs epitaxial heterostructures and interfacial defects are also described. Finally, some of the associated problems and future prospects are briefly discussed.

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