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Electrodynamic Modeling of Quantum Dot Luminescence in Plasmonic Metamaterials

TitleElectrodynamic Modeling of Quantum Dot Luminescence in Plasmonic Metamaterials
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsFang, M, Huang, ZX, Koschny, T, Soukoulis, CM
JournalAcs Photonics
Date Published04
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number2330-4022
Accession NumberWOS:000374811700011
Keywordsarrays, dynamics, finite-different time-domain, gain, losses, Materials Science, metamaterials, negative-index metamaterials, optical metamaterials, optics, photoluminescence, physics, plasmonics, quantum dots, resonances, spontaneous emission, Technology - Other Topics

A self-consistent approach is proposed to simulate a coupled system of quantum dots (QDs) and metallic metamaterials. Using a four-level atomic system, an artificial source is introduced to simulate the spontaneous emission process in the QDs. We numerically show that the metamaterials can lead to multifold enhancement and spectral narrowing of photoluminescence from QDs. These results are consistent with recent experimental studies. The proposed method represents an essential step for developing and understanding a metamaterial system with gain medium inclusions.

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Alternate JournalACS Photonics