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Direct-write 3D printing of NdFeB bonded magnets

TitleDirect-write 3D printing of NdFeB bonded magnets
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsCompton, BG, Kemp, JW, Novikov, TV, Pack, RC, Nlebedim, CI, Duty, CE, Rios, O, Paranthaman, MP
JournalMaterials and Manufacturing Processes
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number1042-6914
Accession NumberWOS:000428126400015
Keywords3D printing, bonded magnets, composites, direct-write, Engineering, Magnetic properties, Materials Science, ndfeb, permanent-magnets

We report a method to fabricate Nd-Fe-B (NdFeB) bonded magnets of complex shape via extrusionbased additive manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D-printing. We have successfully formulated a 3D-printable epoxy-based ink for direct-write AM with anisotropic MQA NdFeB magnet particles that can be deposited at room temperature. The new feedstocks contain up to 40 vol.% MQA anisotropic NdFeB magnet particles, and they are shown to remain uniformly dispersed in the thermoset matrix throughout the deposition process. Ring, bar, and horseshoe-type 3D magnet structures were printed and cured in air at 100 degrees C without degrading the magnetic properties. This study provides a new pathway for fabricating NdFeB bonded magnets with complex geometry at low temperature, and presents new opportunities for fabricating multifunctional hybrid structures and devices.

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