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Crystal electric field effects and thermal expansion of rare-earth hexaborides

TitleCrystal electric field effects and thermal expansion of rare-earth hexaborides
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsNovikov, VV, Pilipenko, ES, Bud'ko, SL
JournalSolid State Communications
Date Published02
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number0038-1098
Accession NumberWOS:000395220000010
Keywordsceb6, coefficient, Crystal electric field, eub6, europium hexaboride, heat-capacity, Hexaborides, Low temperatures, neodymium hexaboride, physics, prb6, range 5-300 k, Thermal expansion

Anomalies in the magnetic contribution to the thermal expansion coefficients Delta beta(T)of the CeB6, PrB6, and NdB6 hexaborides in the range of 5-300 K were found by comparison with diamagnetic LaB6. The characteristic of the anomalies was the same in all the studied borides: a distinct peak at low temperatures, followed by a broad maximum at higher temperatures (50-100 K), then a decrease and transition to the region of negative values as the temperature increases further. The features of Delta beta(T) are explained by the effects of the magnetic order (sharp low temperature peaks) and the crystal electric field (CEF). The beta(CEF)(T) dependencies were calculated using Raman and neutron scattering data on the splitting of the rare-earth (RE) ions R3+ f-level by the CEF. A satisfactory consistency between the values of beta(CEF)(T) and Delta beta(T)was obtained for the studied hexaborides. Additionally, we determined the values of the Gruneisen parameter Y-i that correspond to the transition between the ground and excited multiplets of R3+ ions f-level splitting.

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