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Characterizing virus-induced gene silencing at the cellular level with in situ multimodal imaging

TitleCharacterizing virus-induced gene silencing at the cellular level with in situ multimodal imaging
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsBurkhow, SJ, Stephens, NM, Mei, Y, Duenas, ME, Freppon, DJ, Ding, G, Smith, SC, Lee, YJ, Nikolau, BJ, Whitham, SA, Smith, EA
JournalPlant Methods
Date Published05
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number1746-4811
Accession NumberWOS:000433095800001
KeywordsBiochemical characterization, biosynthesis, carotenoid, Carotenoids, desorption/ionization-mass-spectrometry, Foxtail mosaic virus, foxtail-mosaic-virus, ft-raman spectroscopy, laser-desorption-ionization, Maize, mass spectrometry imaging, Metabolites, Molecular Biology, Mosaic spatial pattern, Phytoene desaturase, Plant Sciences, plants, Raman imaging, RNA silencing, silver, Subcellular, vector system, Whole-plant analysis

the whole leaf. The nature of the Raman and mass spectrometry signals are complementary: silencing pds reduces the downstream carotenoid Raman signal and increases the phytoene mass spectrometry signal. Conclusions: Both Raman and mass spectrometry imaging show that the biochemical changes from FoMV-pds silencing occur with a mosaic spatial pattern at the cellular level, and the Raman images show carotenoid expression was reduced at discrete locations but not eliminated. The data indicate the multimodal imaging method has great utility to study the biochemical changes that result from gene silencing at the cellular spatial level of expression in many plant tissues including the stem and leaf. Our demonstrated method is the first to spatially characterize the biochemical changes as a result of VIGS at the cellular level using commonly available instrumentation.

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