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Bringing order to large-scale disordered complex metal alloys: Gd2Au15-xSbx and BaAuxGa12-x

TitleBringing order to large-scale disordered complex metal alloys: Gd2Au15-xSbx and BaAuxGa12-x
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsCelania, C, Smetana, V, Mudring, AV
Date Published01
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number1466-8033
Accession NumberWOS:000422642900012
Keywordsau-ga system, chemistry, clusters, compound, Crystallography, diamond, gold, icosahedral quasi-crystal, phases, polar intermetallics, sr2au6zn3, units

trom; V = 2006.5-2010 angstrom(3)]. Both structures incorporate significant anionic site mixing and intricate positional disorder. Gd2Au15-xSbx represents a new structure type with in-plane disordered, but strongly geometrically restricted rhombi motifs. These rhombi connect through additional mixed Au/Sb positions along the c axis; this forms octahedral fragments. BaAuxGa12-x finds its place within the extended NaZn13 structural family, displaying cation-centered snub cubes with empty, distorted icosahedra (allowing for the 1 : 12 ratio) and tetrahedral stars. The split positions order due to geometric constraints to form nets of crown cyclooctane-like sheets in two different conformations. Adjacent planes adopt opposite conformations, forming layers of snub cubes with order between layers, but disorder across the greater structure. The substantial degree of mixing in both structures, together with mutual orientation of the ordered and disordered positions, suggests significant importance of heteroatomic bonding, typically found in polar intermetallic compounds.

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