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Beyond triplet: Unconventional superconductivity in a spin-3/2 topological semimetal

TitleBeyond triplet: Unconventional superconductivity in a spin-3/2 topological semimetal
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsKim, H, Wang, KF, Nakajima, Y, Hu, RW, Ziemak, S, Syers, P, Wang, LM, Hodovanets, H, Denlinger, JD, Brydon, PMR, Agterberg, DF, Tanatar, MA, Prozorov, R, Paglione, J
JournalScience Advances
Date Published04
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number2375-2548
Accession NumberWOS:000431374900011
Keywordsfield, heusler compounds, ln, systems, Technology - Other Topics

like j = 3/2 manifold in the Bi-based Gamma(8) band in the presence of strong spin-orbit coupling. With a striking linear temperature dependence of the London penetration depth, the existence of line nodes in the superconducting order parameter Delta is directly explained by a mixed-parity Cooper pairing model with high total angular momentum, consistent with a high-spin fermionic superfluid state. We propose a k.p model of the j = 3/2 fermions to explain how a dominant J = 3 septet pairing state is the simplest solution that naturally produces nodes in the mixed even-odd parity gap. Together with the underlying topologically nontrivial band structure, the unconventional pairing in this system represents a truly novel form of superfluidity that has strong potential for leading the development of a new series of topological superconductors.

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