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Advances in Controlling Differentiation of Adult Stem Cells for Peripheral Nerve Regeneration

TitleAdvances in Controlling Differentiation of Adult Stem Cells for Peripheral Nerve Regeneration
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsUz, M, Das, SR, Ding, SW, Sakaguchi, DS, Claussen, JC, Mallapragada, SK
JournalAdvanced Healthcare Materials
Date Published07
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number2192-2640
Accession NumberWOS:000439925200001
Keywordsbiomaterials, delivery, differentiation, electrical cellular stimulation, electrical-stimulation, Engineering, growth-factor, in-vitro, induce neural differentiation, intensity pulsed ultrasound, marrow stromal cells, Materials Science, nerve, nerve conduits, neurite outgrowth, neuronal, neurotrophic factor release, Regeneration, schwann-like cells, stem cell differentiation, Technology - Other Topics

natural extracellular matrix. However, current limitations regarding non-scalable transdifferentiation protocols, fate commitment of transdifferentiated stem cells, and conduit/scaffold design have required new strategies for effective stem cells transdifferentiation and implantation. In this progress report, a comprehensive review of recent advances in the transdifferentiation of adult stem cells via different approaches along with multifunctional conduit/scaffolds designs is presented for peripheral nerve regeneration. Potential cellular mechanisms and signaling pathways associated with differentiation are also included. The discussion with current challenges in the field and an outlook toward future research directions is concluded.

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