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New Materials Research

Rare Earths

Considered a national center for rare earths, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory is the go-to source for expertise in the synthesis, analysis and engineering of rare-earth metals and their alloys.

Distilled Gadolinium
Boron Aluminuim Magnesium

BAM-Boron Aluminium Magnesium

Bam is a superhard ceramic alloy that is more slippery than Teflon.  It could protect mechanical parts from wear and tear, and boost energy efficiency.


Ames Lab researchers have been heavily involved in the development of iron-arsenide superconductors, generating more than 100 papers on various aspects of this latest super conductor materials.

Super Conductive Crystal


Metamaterials, sometimes called left-handed materials, are exotic, artificially created materials that provide optical properties not found in natural materials. Metamaterials are able to refract light to the left, or at a negative angle.

Lead Free Solder

The Ames Laboratory's solder technology was patented in 1996 and more than 60 companies worldwide have licensed Ames Lab's lead-free solder. 

Lead Free Solder
Other Materials

Other Materials

Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs), Power Cables, ect.