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Energy Resources

Solar Energy

Ames Lab researchers investigate new polymer technology to create flexible, thin solar cells that absorb all wave-lengths of visible light.  Making these materials ideal for use in solar cells, photocatalysis, lighting, and biological imaging 

Solar Cell
 Wind Turbines

Wind Energy

Wind power is recognized as one of the most promising forms of alternatives to fossil fuels as a future source of energy.  Here at Ames Lab we work to make gathering energy for the wind simpler and


The U.S. consumes 19.6 million barrelsof oil a day.  Ames Laboratory researchers work to meet this need by developing methods to produce biofuels fromcorn stover, grasses, wood pulp, and algae.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Hydrogen Storage

Ames Laboratory researchers are expoloring ways to get hydrogen out of the lab and into your car. Storing hydrogen as a gas or a liquid requires a prohibitively large tank to get the same millage as a gasoline tank.

Vehicle Technology Vechicle Technology