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Learning and Development

The Laboratory’s Training Program provides employees with the institutional training necessary for the safe and productive completion of their work responsibilities. The Training Department is responsible for assisting employees in fulfilling their Environment, Health, and Safety (ESH) training requirements in addition to courses related to other topics, such as business ethics, personally identifiable information, and cyber security.


Accessing Learn@ISU

  1. Log in to Learn@ISU using your Iowa State University Net ID and password.
  2. Check your training requirements, located under "MyMenu".
  3. Complete your training.


Navigating Learn@ISU

Welcome to your Learn@ISU dashboard! 

1. CATALOG: Browse through all the courses available through the Laboratory and the University.

2. CURRENT ENROLLMENT: These are classes are you currently enrolled in. Click Launch to continue working.

3. ASSIGNED COURSES: Under "My Menu" and then "My Requirements" you will see your full list of required classes. 

4. LEARNING HISTORY: View the last five actions you have taken in any courses. This can include completing or cancelling courses. Click the green action icon to retrieve a full record of that action.

5. REPORTING: If you want to see the full report of your training, look under My Menu and click My ReportsThis will take you to the full report page where you can view transcripts for completed training, all training (including canceled class) and expiring training. Click the blue eye icon to open.

Helpful Hints

How do I reset my Learn@ISU password?

If you receive the message "Invalid Learner" it simply means you need to reset your password. There are two ways to change your Learn@ISU password:

  1. Visit ISU Account Services and follow the steps for generating a new password. You must have texting capabilities on your cell phone. 
  2. Call ISU Solutions Center at (515) 294-4000 and have a temporary password issued. Visit ISU Account Services and reset password.

How do I access the learning assessment for an online module?

Once you have watched the entire course module please click on "Return to Learner Web" in the top right hand corner of the pop-up interface. This will close you out of the learning module and automatically bring up your course assessment. Follow the instructions to complete the assessment. 

We'd love to hear from you! Explore Learn@ISU and send us your questions and feedback!


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