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See the instructions on how-to do the following:

Sign an Expense Reimbursement (ER)

Print an Enterprise Rental Car Receipt

Flight is Delayed or Canceled

1. If your Air Ticket was purchased by Ames Lab through Travel & Transport (T&T) via CONCUR or an agent, you should call T&T right away at (866) 963-3062 so they can assist you with rescheduling or re-ticketing. You may also need to stand in line at the same time so the airline confirm and print your ticket. If you call T&T, they can help you imediately and may be able to reserve one of the last seats on an upcoming flight. If there is NO change in price, T&T can make the change. If there is an increase in price, T&T can make the change and the traveler should pay the difference using a personal credit card and remedy the charges with the Laboratory upon return.

2. If you purchased the ticket yourself you will have to reschedule/re-ticket by waiting in line with the Airline or by the agency/website used to purchase the ticket.

3. VACATION: If you have vacation with your business travel and the flight is delayed you must pay for any changes on your credit card and the charges may not be reimbursed by the Laboratory.

If your flight is canceled and you cannot reschedule the airline needs to refund the ticket to the Ames Laboratory's credit card. DO NOT let the airline give you an actual passenger receipt. A passenger receipt requires you to physically go to the airport to exchange it for a new ticket. Passenger receipts have to be turned into the Travel Office until they are going to be re-used.

If you incur additional costs from re-ticketing, it is best to revise your Deltek travel authorization (EA) prior to starting an Expense Reimbursement (ER) in Deltek.

Travel and Transport office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call (515) 292-8182, press 0. After hours is (866) 963-3062.