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Foreign Travel

The Department of Energy has established requirements and responsibilities governing official foreign travel by Federal and contractor employees to ensure that the Department's official foreign travel activities are consistent with its mission and objectives as well as with prudent business practice. These requirements apply to:

  • Anyone whose salary is paid, in full or in part, by Ames Laboratory at the time of the trip (in order for this NOT to apply, arrangements must be made before the trip starts to remove the travelers salary from the Laboratory), or
  • Anyone whose travel costs are paid, in full or in part, from Ames Laboratory funds, or
  • Anyone who is traveling with the intent to present or discuss research performed at the Ames Laboratory.

Documents to assist with planning foreign travel:

Foreign Travel Guidance

Foreign Trip Report Template

Trip Report Example 1

Trip Report Example 2


Travelers are eligible for the Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) plan through Iowa State University. See the Guide and Brochure below for details. The travel office will assist travelers by signing up for this insurance when travelers submit and are approved for foreign travel.

CISI Coverage Guide

CISI Plan Details (Terms and Conditions)

Websites to assist with planning foreign travel:

U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security - click on Reports, then Crime and Safety report for latest updates.

U.S. Department of State, Travel Page.