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Concur Travel Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q – How do I get an EA# when I book through Concur Travel?
A – Travelers still need to complete and submit a travel worksheet to the Ames Lab travel office. The travel office reviews the travel worksheet, assigns and EA# authorizing the travel, and completes/purchases the ticket through Concur Travel.

Q - Who is preloaded in the Concur Travel system? Can I designate more than one assistor?
A - Some employees already have profiles, but they need to be checked for accuracy. You can designate as many assistors as you choose.
Q - If I use Concur Travel on Friday and make a reservation, will it still be on file and ready to use on Monday morning?
A - No, reservations can only be held for 24 hours.
Q - What do we do about split costs with trips? (Partial payment from ISU and some from Ames Lab)
A – Cliqbook may not be used for this. Call Travel and Transport for help.
Q - What billing address do I use when setting up my profile?
A - Please use your home address for your own credit card. Anything that is direct-billed will automatically come to Ames Lab.
Q - Concur Travel has an option to ‘share a trip’. Can we use this for our spouse or anyone traveling for personal reasons?
A - No, Concur Travel may not be used for any personal travel. You should call Travel and Transport if you want to make reservations for your spouse. Concur Travel cannot be used any personal use.
Q - What if I only take one trip a year? Should I set up a profile and use Concur Travel?
A – It is your decision. You may use the Concur Travel Guest Booking tool. It may be more economical and time effective to call Travel and Transport.
Q - Will one profile work for an assistor if I am using both Ames Lab and Iowa State funding?
A – Concur Travel identifies the “bill to” by the way the profile is set up. If you travel with both Ames Lab and Iowa State, you will need two (2) profiles. One profile will be with an “” domain and the other should be with “” domain.
Q - Will Konnie see that I picked the lowest airfare? If I did not pick the lowest price what happens?
A - If you picked the lowest airfare the trip will hold and the system should proceed without problems. If you do not pick the lowest airfare you will need to justify that in the system. There is a reason code and a space to type in your reasoning for not using the lowest airfare.
Q - Is ‘time constraints’ a good enough reason to pick a higher airfare?
A - You should provide a detailed explanation; “time constraints” should be explained further and may not be a good enough reason to warrant purchasing a higher fare.
Q - Can Cliqbook be used for foreign travel?
A – While it is not an Ames Lab policy, we do not advise you to use Concur Travel for foreign travel. Concur Travel is not designed to find the best fares for multiple legs. It is advised and a best practice to call Travel and Transport to book foreign flights.
Q - What do I do if we do not want to use Concur Travel?
A - You may call T&T and make reservations through them.
Q - Can the prices change after I enter on Concur Travel?
Yes, prices may change. When the Travel Office Clerk proceeds with approval, the system signals if there was a price change or any change in the held reservation.
Q - Can the traveler cancel a reservation or does the Travel Office Clerk need to do this?
A – A traveler can cancel the reservation on his or her own.
Q - I see you can clone a trip. Can I wait until the trip is over and clone it?
A - No, you must clone the trip before it takes place or you will not be able to do that.
Q - If I have problems using Concur Travel, how should I proceed?
A – Call Travel and Transport help desk, or call the Ames Lab Travel Office (4-1780 or 4-4488) for help.
Q - What if I ordered using ISU funds and then need to change it to Ames Lab funds? What do I do?
A - You will need to cancel your reservation, log-in with Ames Lab profile, and re-start your reservation.
Q - Will Cliqbook offer different options than T&T?
A - No, both places should give you the same options. All the information is loaded through the airlines.
Q - What if I want to upgrade by using frequent flier miles?
A - You will need to call T&T if you plan on doing this.
Q - If I make a hotel and car reservation through Cliqbook and then cancel, will I still be charged a fee?
A - Yes, you will still be charged. Reference the pricing guide on Ames Lab travel website for further details on pricing.