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Attend a Conference

5 things to know before getting started

  1. You do not need to report your conference attendance if you are not using any DOE funds for your attendance. An example would be if you use Work for Others (WFO) royalty funds to entirely fund your attendance. Note: Certain conferences fall under Exemptions
  2. All attendees must report their conference attendance – If you do not report your attendance before the conference is locked, you may not be allowed to attend.
  3. Some conference lock attendance early – Larger conferences or foreign conferences can lock months in advance of the conference start date.
  4. Report your attendance early – Because conferences may lock early, you need to report early to maximize your chances of securing your conference slot. Even if you are not absolutely sure, you should report if there is a possibility that you might attend. Reporting is not a commitment to attend or spend funds.
  5. You cannot spend funds until the conference is DOE approved or approval is not required – Conference Services will issue the go-ahead through Division Points of Contact to notify you when you may book travel and pay registration.

Contact Conference Management Team at for information on already approved conferences.

To Attend a Conference, Follow These Steps:
For all who attend conferences, we strongly recommend that you read and familiarize yourself with the Lab’s CM Plan. It provides important guidance regarding your role and responsibilities in reporting and attending conferences.

  1. Contact your Department Administrator or Conference Management Team to start approval and reporting process.
  2. Your Department Administrator will need the following info:
    • Conference Name
    • Conference Start and End Dates
    • Conference Description
    • Conference Location (city, state, country)
    • Names of Travelers
    • Conference Position Title (presenter, participant, affiliate, etc.)
    • Conference Website – the most helpful for accurately entering information in the Conference Management Tool
    • Travel and Registration Costs
    • Justification for Attending Conference
  3. Conference Services determines whether the conference requires reporting into the DOE Conference Management Tool. Reporting and approval requirements differ depending on the:
    • Type of Conference (DOE sponsored vs. Non DOE sponsored)
    • Estimated net DOE complex-wide expenses
  4. Conference Services takes the reported information and ensures that it is entered into the DOE’s Conference Management Tool as appropriate. For DOE-sponsored conferences with estimated net DOE complex-wide expenses:
    • Over $100,000, but under $500,000 must be approved by the DOE
    • Over $500,000 are prohibited unless a special waiver approval is granted by the DOE Secretary
  5. Internal approval is necessary for all non-DOE sponsored conference costs.
  6. The CM team will contact you letting you know your approval status or the CM spreadsheet may be accessed for the most up to date status of the conference.

Contact your Department Administrator or Travel Department once your conference is approved.