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Research Opportunities

The Research Opportunities Coordinator is responsible for reviewing proposals for alignment with sponsor requirements, submitting approved proposals to funding agencies, managing the Pre-Proposal Form (PPF), and coordinating complex and/or multi-party proposals.

The PPF must be completed and approved prior to the submission of a proposal to any external funding agency. White papers, concept papers, pre-applications, and pre-proposals typically do not require a PPF. However, these documents should be submitted to the Chief Research Officer, with a copy to ORO, to keep the Directors' Office current on research concepts being proposed to organizations external to Ames Laboratory.

The Pre-Proposal Form and Process

The Pre-Proposal Form is now electronic. The electronic PPF mimics the previous paper version and will be used to route proposals for review and approval by the Principle Investigator, Co-Principal Investigators, ESH&A, Export Control, Budget, Division/Program Director, Associate Laboratory Director for Sponsored Research, and Deputy Director.

The electronic PPF can be found on the Ames Laboratory Web Applications (Webapps) Portal at*. Users can access the application using an approved Ames Lab username and password. The system allows a user to start a PPF, edit an existing PPF that has not yet been routed, revise a previously approved PPF for additional scope, funding, or change in PI, electronically sign a PPF, and follow the approval status for a PPF in the routing process.

Instructions for initiating, completing, and routing a PPF

*WebApps is accessible from Ames Laboratory networked computers or by logging in to the Ames Laboratory Virtual Private Network (VPN): Instructions for connecting to VPN

If you have questions or cannot access the PPF portal, please contact the Office of Research Opportunities by e-mailing  If you’d like training for yourself or your division/department, please contact Innovation Partnerships Program at


Proposals Containing Potentially Patentable Information

As a National Laboratory, Ames Laboratory does not have confidential or proprietary information.  However, intellectual property that does not have USPTO protection in place, i.e., a patent or patent application filed, is considered "Potentially Patentable Information".  If you must submit a proposal that contains potentially patentable information, please use the following legends for proper protection:

For your Coversheet (in BOLD or Red text):

This proposal contains potentially patentable information under 35 USC 205 and 37 CFR 401 and should be treated as confidential.  Pages containing such information are duly marked as such and should not be reproduced.

For pages containing potentially patentable information, please place the following statement on EACH page (in BOLD or Red text):

                                                Do Not Reproduce

               Privileged Information Pursuant To 35 USC 205 and 37 CFR 401

                                                   Patent Caution

As always, discussions involving unprotected IP with others should have a non-disclosure agreement to protect the information. Please email if you would like to put a new NDA in place or confirm the status of an existing agreement.