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Foreign Visits & Assignments Guidelines

Foreign Visits and Assignments Requests (473's) and Specific Security Plans

Please use the following links to reach Form 473, the Foreign Visits and Assignments Request Form, as well as the Ames Laboratory Specific Security Plan Form.

Program Overview. The USDOE considers hosting foreign visitors a critical responsibility. This is especially true when the foreign national is from a country that is directly competing against the United States militarily or economically.

For detailed information on your responsibilities as a host of a Foreign Visitor, review the

In order to discover new technologies, DOE often searches out the individuals and program from other countries with the desirable scientific and technical skills and joins them in cooperative and joint ventures to achieve our goals. The USDOE understands that there are, however, inherent risks with site visits and other associations with foreign nationals. Even though the "cold war" is officially over, all countries still pursue their own self-interests and, today, the self-interest of many foreign countries is primarily advanced by economic, rather than by military means.Most foreign nationals are here just for their stated purpose. However, a few visitors have a hidden agenda and are on site to collect information. USDOE guidelines suggest that, before you host a foreign visitor or assignee, you:
  • Ensure that the benefits gained from the visit outweigh their potential risks
  • Determine the areas of your work that may be sensitive, but not classified, and might shed light on classified work
  • Assess whether discussion of selected unclassified information with foreign nationals could divulge proprietary details related to cooperative research or other collaborative work at your facility
  • Carefully craft your security plan to ensure the security of the visit

During the visit:

  • Be alert to indications that any of your foreign guests might be collecting information on the basis of intelligence tasking, or might be an intelligence officer

As a host in the visit of a foreign national, you should maintain awareness before the visit, dilligence during the visit and caution in subsequent interactions with the visitor.