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Office of Sponsored Research Administration

The Office of Sponsored Research Administration (OSRA) has primary responsibility for the following:

  • Research Opportunities
  • Industrial Outreach and Commercialization
  • Proposal Submission Review & Approval
  • Intellectual Property including open source software (OSS)
  • Export Control
  • Ombuds

Our staff is always available to assist you in these areas as the need arises. Please contact us if you have questions:

  • Deb Covey, Associate Laboratory Director for Sponsored Research Administration

    • Phone: 294-1048
    • Email:
    • Responsibilities: Overall management of OSRA; negotiation and approval of various technology transfer agreements (WFO, CRADA, ACT and TSA),  review and approval of all PPFs.
  • Stacy Joiner, Manager, Office of Intellectual Property
    • Phone: 294-5932
    • Email:
    • Responsibilities: Invention disclosures; coordination of patenting and licensing activities with ISU's Research Foundation; negotiation of technology transfer agreements; provides guidance of scientific and technical information.
  • Lisa Rodgers, Manager, Office of Research Opportunities
    • Phone: 294-1254
    • Email:
    • Responsibilities: Coordination of Complex or Multi-partied proposals; identification of funding opportunities; electronic submission of Laboratory proposals; preproposal form.

    Todd Zdorkowski, Ombuds and Commercialization

    • Phone: 294-5640
    • Email:
    • Responsibilities: Technology Transfer Ombuds; commercialization.

    Beth Pieper, Administrative Specialist

    • Phone:  294-6486
    • Email:
    • Responsibilities:  Preproposal process including assigning PPF numbers and maintaining the PPF database; nondisclosure agreements (NDA), material transfer agreements (MTA); schedules meetings for OSRA managers.

    Tessa Lemons, Administrative Specialist

    • Phone: 294-2618
    • Email:
    • Responsibilties:  Scientific and technical information (including publication patent clearance, page charges, submitting publications to DOE's OSTI); schedules meetings for OSRA managers.

    Chris Kinley, Administrative Specialist