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The Requisition Process

The requisition process for purchases can vary due to many different variables: the items being purchased, the pricing, the vendor, whether it's made in America or foreign, etc. Below is some guidance on what to expect for different types of purchases. 

Requisition Processing Times

​Per DOE national target goals, we aim to award and place a requisition purchase by the following standards: 

​<$150,000 - 6 to 9 days

>$150,000 - 25 to 30 days

Additionally, if it's a new vendor, it can take several days to get the information we require to get them set up in our system. 

​Please realize that the more expensive the order, the more time it will take to process it correctly. 

Price Thresholds & what to expect

$0.01 - $500

- Can usually be placed on a p-card (unless it's on the prohibited p-card purchase list) and placed within several days of reaching the Purchasing Office​​

​- If possible, provide the link to a specific website where the item was found. (e.g. Amazon purchases) 

$500 - 3500

- We prefer them to be from a small vendor and American made. This does not mean an American company but rather the parts/items are manufactured in the United States. 

​$3500 - $10,000

- Preference given to small vendors

- Price reasonableness must be shown. This can include competitive quotes from other vendors, market research, a previous purchase with the same vendor, etc. 

​- American made, if possible

$10,000 -  $150,000 

​​- If the item will not be competed for, a justification for non-competitive procurement must be completed. See a purchasing agent for more info. 

​- More DOE required documentation is completed by the purchasing agent


​- For $150K additional documentation required from the vendor

- Additional approval from DOE is required after $500K

​- For purchases over $700K or $1.5 million for constructions, additional research and documentation required​

What we look for in vendors

- Do they manufacture their products in the USA? 

- Are they considered a "small" business?

​- Have we done business with them before? 

​- Are their products recycled? (We look for recycled in items like: toner, paper, tile, office furniture, paint, carpet and many more). If no recycled item can be found or if you prefer a non-recycled item, a justification needs to be provided on the requisiton for Purchasing to review.  

What we require

​- If a vendor is coming on-site we need to know before hand so we can obtain additional documentation from the vendor. ​

​- If shipping an item for repair, a shipping order form needs to be completed. Purchasing only sees the shipping order if there's a charge for the repair we need to create a PO. 

​- Include any quotes or pertinent information with the requisition of contact has already been made with a vendor. 

​- If there is rush, please contact the Purchasing Office so we are aware of the circumstances and can make arrangements as well as an extra signature at the bottom of the requistion which gives Purchasing authority to expedite the purchase. 

​- Correct and complete signatures on the requisition. Incomplete or incorrect signatures will slow the processing of the order down.

- When ordering books, include the website link (if applicable) and the ISBN number