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Submit a Rush Order

RUSH Order Process

If you have a Rush order and need Purchasing to place an order immediately, please walk the requisition to the Purchasing Office in 211 TASF and communicate your urgency with Melissa at the front desk or any of the Purchasing Office staff. Fill out the section below on the requisiton to flag the Purchasing office.

Purchasing writes RUSH on the top of the requisition and alerts all appropriate parties in the approval routing process that your request is urgent. Once the requisition is electronically entered, Purchasing monitors the routing closely to make sure it is being approved timely. Purchasing will not be able to process the order until the appropriate authorizations have been given, so please make sure you have the correct signature level on the requisition.

Purchasing receives many requests each day. Many requisitions have a deliver requirement of "ASAP". We understand everyone would like their product soon, but if you write "ASAP" we do not translate this as RUSH. Please be very specific in letting us know if you have a requisition that needs to be ordered immediately.