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Green Purchasing

DOE Order 436.1 states that Ames Laboratory shall, "ensure that procurement policies and procedures promote the Department's acquisition of recycled-content and biobased-content materials, Electronic Procurement Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT)-registered electronics and other environmentally preferable products and services."

Green Products Compilation Web Resource
The Green Products Compilation lists the green products for which EPA, DOE or USDA have issued designations or otherwise provided guidance for environmental or energy attributes. This is available via web at This website provides you with the ability to search by keyword or browse by product category, along with potential sources.

For specific resources, please use the list below.

Green Products Compilation of Web Resources
Biobased Products:
Energy Efficient Products: Energy Star products
Energy Efficient Products: FEMP designated products
Non-Ozone Depleting Alternative Products:
Recycled Content Product:
Water Efficient Plumbing Products:
Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT)
Section 13 of Executive Order 13514 for Green House Gas Emissions Inventory Requirements