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Environmentally Preferred Products

DOE Order 436.1 states that Ames Laboratory shall, "ensure that procurement policies and procedures promote the Department's acquisition of recycled-content and biobased-content materials, Electronic Procurement Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT)-registered electronics and other environmentally preferable products and services.

The Ames Laboratory works hard to purchase items with the greatest amount of recycled content available. Purchasing and ESH&A have worked together to identify commodities. Each commodity listed has specific purchasing guidelines. Please review and follow these guidelines as you request to purchase the following items.


Printers/Copiers/Scanners/Multifunction Devices - now on EPEAT 2/2013


Office Electronics - look for ENERGY STAR and EPEATcertification

Office Supplies - contracted vendor (contact purchasing for details)


Toner Cartridges

What is the Affirmative Procurement Program?

The Ames Laboratory is required to participate in the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) section 6002 and Executive Order 13423 that specify requirements for the procurement of products containing recovered or recycled materials.

Section 6002(e) of RCRA requires EPA to designate items that are or can be made with recovered materials and to recommend practices of designated items. These products are grouped into eight categories: Construction, Landscaping, Non-paper Office, Paper, Park and Recreation, Transportation, Vehicular and Miscellaneous. Refer to the EPA website to review the product resource guides at

After EPA designates an item, RCRA requires that each procuring agency, why purchasing a designated item, must purchase that item composed of the highest percentage of recovered materials practicable.

Executive Order 13423 requires federal agencies to purchase green products, and services, including recycled content products, energy and water-efficient products, bio-based products, and environmentally preferable products and services.

Green Products Compilation Web Resource

The Green Products Compilation lists the green products for which EPA, DOE or USDA have issued designations or otherwise provided guidance for environmental or energy attributes. This is available via web at

This website provides you ability to search by keyword or browse by product category, along with potential sources.

What if I do not want to purchase EPA designated material? (justifications only apply for furniture/flooring, paper, and printer toner)

If you should have a need, but do not want to purchase the EPA designated material or if one is available, you need to submit a written justification with your purchase requisition. There are major justifications Purchasing and ESH&A will review prior to purchasing the item.

Justification #1:    Item made with recovered materials is not available competitively within a reasonable period of time.

Justification #2:    Item made with recovered materials is not available at a reasonable price.

Justification #3:    Item made with recovered materials is not available within the performance requirements.