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Computers and Monitors

 Buying a Computer or Monitor

If you have a need to purchase a computer and/or monitor, follow this How To Guide to search the registry for EPEAT products.

The Ames Laboratory preferred computer brands are DELL, Apple, ASUS, and Microsoft. If another brand is preferred, please contact the purchasing office.

On your purchase requisition, indicate the grade of EPEAT (e.g. Gold, Silver, Bronze). and whether it's ENERGY STAR  rated. If it's not EPEAT graded or ENERGY STAR rated, a justification will be required from the requester and reviewed by Purchasing. 

*For Administration: acceptable justifications/exceptions will be rare for computers or monitors that are not purchased through the Ames Laboratory storeroom. Both items offered through the storeroom are registered as EPEAT Gold*

The Ames Laboratory carries the following computers and monitor in the Ames laboratory storeroom. Please refer to the Storeroom Services page for computer configuration details.


Dell Optiplex 7050 Micro                               Dell P2414H 24" LCD Monitor