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Equipment Pool

What is the Equipment Pool?

Property that is no longer required or being used by a research group or administrative office is sent to the Ames Laboratory's warehouse Equipment Pool area for reuitilization within the Laboratory.

What property is in the Equipment Pool?

1. Visit the Equipment Pool Listing page, or

2. Visit our Ames Laboratory warehouse between the hours of 7:30-4 p.m. to view the items in the equipment pool.

How do I request property from the Pool?

Contact Brian Aspengren, Property Services Storekeeper via e-mail at, or at via phone at 515-715-0084.

It may be required for Facilities Services to move the equipment from the Warehouse to your designated area, depending on the item you are reutilizing from the Pool. Facilities Services can provide an estimate of how much it will cost to move the item/s.

What happens to the items in the Equipment Pool?

Excess items sit in the Equipment Pool for at least three months. After the property has been in the pool for several months, it is considered excess to the Laboratory's needs and it is published on for screening to other DOE Laboratories and other Government Agencies. These other Government entities can request the item/s for transfer.

All equipment designated as "laboratory equipment" (FSC code 66) that is entered into the GSAXcess site is available for donation to Colleges and Universities after screening through the Laboratory Equipment Donation Program.

Prior to posting on the GSAXcess site, ESH&A, Engineering Services and Property Services personnel evaluate the property for high risk, and hazards. High risk and items deemed hazardous are safely disposed of and not posted for transfer. Any information technology with memory is sanitized to remove memory storage before disposal.

If the property is not picked up through GSAXcess or the Laboratory Equipment Donation Program, it is considered surplus to the Government's needs and is posted for public sale through the GSA Sales Center, or

If the property is not sold on the public auction web site, the Laboratory is instructed to dispose of the property.