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Equipment Loans

Requirements to Loan Property:

Ames Laboratory may loan Government Property provided the equipment is not in excess to the Laboratory's needs. In order to loan equipment, the following criteria must be met:

1) Equipment shall be used in performing research, studies, and other efforts that result in benefits to both the U.S. Government, the borrower, and provided that the DOE mission is not affected.

2) Used by another DOE organization, contractor, Government agency, or organization that has a valid Federal contract, grant, treaty, international or collateral agreement, or other documentation substantiating that the loaned property must be used only for official purposes.

3) Used by local agencies in support of health, safety, or security requirements upon appropriate Departmental notification of emergency conditions.

All loans must be documented and approved through Ames Laboratory's Property Services Office and the Ames Laboratory Site Office. Loans should be completed via DOE form 4420.2, U.S. Department of Energy Personal Property Loan Agreement.

Ames Laboratory will issues loans for a period of 3 years with annual inventory verification. Loans may not be extended longer than 6 years.

If the equipment becomes excess to the Laboratory's needs, Ames Laboratory will put the equipment on website.

To set-up a loan agreement:

1) Complete the Equipment Loan Request Form. This form includes a justification space to explain the purpose of the loan agreement. It is important to include the program and work connected with the equipment, and how the loan ties to the mission of the DOE and/or the mission of the Ames Laboratory. This form is signed by the requestor and the division director. It is submitted to Property Services for high risk review.

2) Complete the DOE 4420.2 Personal Property Loan Agreement form. (The Property Office will assign #1, the Control Number.) The requestor should not sign this form. The authorized lender signature shall be Manager, Property Services. Property Services can also fill out detailed information on the form if needed.

3) Submit the Equipment Loan Request and the DOE 4420.2 Loan Agreement form to the Property Services Office, 211 TASF, for review and signature.

4) The Property Services Office will review the Loan Agreement request and submit the appropriate documentation to the Ames Laboratory Site Office for approval.

5) The Property Services Office will arrange the shipment of the equipment with the requestor upon loan approval.