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Property Services

Ames Laboratory shall manage Government personal property in an economical and efficient manner consistent with the DOE Contract and 41 CFR 109, 102, & 101. Property of the US Government shall be used only in the performance of official work for the Government and shall be utilized to the maximum extent practicable.

Identification of Property: DOE property is identified by a white bacoded tag containing a six-digit property number and/or the words, "U.S. Government Property Ames Laboratory." Iowa State Property is identified by a cardinal and gold tag with the words, "Property of Iowa State University." Users should contact Iowa State Property Services for movement and removal of ISU property.

The Property Services and Accounting Offices maintain the central data base for all accountable DOE personal property items. Property Services assists the user groups by performing the following functions:

  • Tagging and Recording Assets
  • Inventory Control
  • Equipment Pool and Re-utilization
  • Equipment Held for Future Use
  • Asset Disposal

Laboratory Property List: Ames Laboratory users should contact the Supervisor, Materials Transportaion & Property (4-3081) for information regarding the Ames Laboratory's current property inventory. Ames Laboratory does have a searchable database containing property information for all those items with a Ames Laboratory property number.

Use of Equipment at Home: Employees and associates of the Laboratory are allowed to use Government computers, printers, hard drives and other ADP equipment for travel and working from home. Authorization must be received by the Program Director and Property Services department prior taking any equipment from the site by completing the Off-site Equipment Authorization Form.

Loaning Government Property: A property loan must be established and authorized for any government property that will be loaned outside of the Ames Laboratory organization. This includes any collaborators of the laboratory that are not employees or associates of the Laboratory. It also includes all property outside of employee or associate custodianship on the Iowa State campus. Requestors must complete an Equipment Loan Request form and review form DOE 4420.2 Personal Property Loan Agreement form.

Excess or Idle Equipment: A green transfer tag should be completed for all property that an employee or associate is no longer using. Transfer tags are available at the Ames Lab Storeroom (160 Spedding). Programs are not charged to have property transferred to the warehouse.

Space is set aside in the Laboratory's warehouse for retention of idle property. Space is divided between the Equipment Held for Future Use, or hold area and the Equipment Pool. The hold area is for retention of property by a group for an anticipated future project. Equipment in the pool is available for reassignment to other groups.

The Property Services group assesses excess equipment two or three times each year. Property is screened for harmful substances, memory capability is removed and destroyed and usable property is placed on the GSAXcess website for screening and then routed to GSA for sale. Excess property on the GSAXcess site is designated for the Laboratory Equipment Donation Program, awarding used equipment to colleges and universities for use. All other equipment is properly disposed of by Property Services personnel.

Property Re-utilization: The Laboratory strongly encourages re-utilizing property and is required to report property re-utilization annually. Property may not be dismantled or cannibalized for parts without advance approval from the Property Services office. Once the Property Services office approves of using parts, the property will be retired from the database and all property tags will be removed.

Moving Property: If you move tagged property from one location to another, please contact Property Services and inform them where it has moved to and who the user of the property is.